Affiliate FTD Lottery

13 Dec, 2019

Dear Partners! It has been a great year and we are happy to present this Affiliate FTD Lottery as a cherry on the cake. We are happy to work with you all and wish you all the best for the upcoming 2020!

FTD Lottery for Affiliates with a prize pool of $ 50’000. A draw of 100 prizes of $ 500 each takes place among the lottery tickets. One Affiliate can receive an unlimited number of prizes.

The lottery ticket is given by FTD (first deposit) from 500rub / 10 $ / 10euro / 200 uah paid during the lottery. A maximum of 10 lottery tickets can be obtained per day.

Participation in the Lottery is taken by affiliate accounts with RS from 40%.

The lottery runs from 20 December 2019 till 20 January 2020

The draw will be held using this code in Python version 3.4.0 / 3.5.2 / 3.5.1 / 3.6.1 / 3.6.5.

# winners code

import random

import sys

print("python version - ", sys.version)

number_of_tickets = ???? #???? will be replaced by the total number of tickets - it will be known during the draw

Number_of_winning_tickets = ???? #???? will be replaced by the number of winning tickets

euro_rate = ???? #??? will be replaced by the USD / EUR rate one day before the draw


places =list(range(1, number_of_tickets))



The draw will take place 21 January 2020 17:00 UTC based on on usd / eur exchange rate on

You can check the draw code by substituting the exchange rate value and the number of tickets on sites such as:


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